Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colby 3D Sound Bar

So I purchased this online for $144 after tax and shipping it cost close to $180. Now first thing is first when you hear the name brand COBY we think cheap low end CD players and such and to be quite honest I didn't even consider getting this. After debating between this and the ZVOX which is $400 more I decided to read up on it and maybe see if there is any reviews (I was expecting to read crappy reviews)

I found 2 reviews on it. One from someone at CNET who gave it a thumbs up based on the sound and one from Amazon, also a rave review. I will post the review from Amazon below.


Just got the Coby 3D soundbar from Amazon and it impressed me so much I thought I would give it a review. My timing was off...Amazon dropped the price ten dollars to 92 dollars, which is amazing. I know when you think COBY you think of cheap stereos, not hi fi. I read about this and heard rave reviews from the Electronic CES show that just ended. This is currently the only product with the special 3D affect, but it won't be the last.
Its size is a little longer than a typical center channel speaker, but much heavier. Very solid construction.

This product is hard to describe, but 3D is a good description. When you turn that off, the life of the music goes flat when it is "regular stereo". In fact, the 3D affect is so good that I doubt I will ever turn it off.
I know that you are a cynic about special affects, that they have been around on surround sound receivers for years and they usually sound awful.

This product sounds bright and clear and the music soundstage is all over the room. The "sweet spot" is everywhere. Is it 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound? No, it has no rear channel affects, but the frontal music is so great that you may not miss it. Let's face it, setting up a surround sound system, with receivers and speakers and wiring and subwoofer is a total pain. It costs a lot and its tricky to configure. Read some of the frustrated receiver users reviews and you will see what I mean.

This is crisp 3D sound. Just RCA inputs and a mini plug for your Ipod. No digital, HDMI, Special codecs.
But it sounds GREAT! If you didn't see the little box, you would think the sound was coming from a much larger system. Its small enough to use with a smaller TV, but it provides enough sound to satisfy even large screens. I tested it with my 50 inch and 60 inch plasma and it sounded great!

The closest product to this would be decent boxes with Dolby SRS, but this sounds much better. At 92 dollars its also a great choice for the Ipod.

This box uses 6 speakers and a subwoofer to recreate the sound. Purists will not approve because it does change the music, but I think it makes it better.

Every TV manufacturer should include the 3D affect with their larger TVs...but it might cut into the sales of their surround sound systems because I think this would satisfy 80 percent of the public. I work the soundboard at my church and have experience with audio products, so it takes a lot to excite me but this product does. (And NO...I don't work for COBY).

I usually would never buy a product without a lot of good reviews on amazon, but I trusted Leo Laporte(the tech guy on the radio) and this impressed him at CES.

It will not give you booming subwoofer bass, but it does accurately cover the sound spectrum. I hate that booming bass sound anyway, so its not missed.

If you want great stereo sound that has the whole room in its 3D sweetspot, this is an amazing value. Highly recommended if you can get over your preconceived idea's about what is needed to provide good sound for home theatre. I may get the 7.1 surround system for the living room 60 inch plasma, but this works great with my 50 inch panasonic plasma.

It comes with a remote, but the front buttons allow everything access, so I haven't even used the remote yet.

5 stars!

Tim in Anaheim

So after reading that I was quite impressed especially in conjunction with a reviewer from CNET. I know these days you never know it could be the company itself writing phony reviews. I just really decided to take a gamble with it. There is a 30 day refund not including shipping and handling so worst comes to worst I can return it and be out of pocket for $10 which was the cost of shipping.

I have a 40 inch Samsung 1080p HDTV set which cost me $999 two years ago so it is certainly not top of the line when it comes to television sets so I wanted something relatively inexpensive but provided excellent sound quality, not complete surround sound but at least close to as I can get. Being a movie and music junkie I want something that can enhance what I currently have which basically is just the speakers in my TV. I think I will wait to purchase a name brand expensive sound bar/home theater system until I get a nice 55 inch or 60 inch LED TV at least then it will be justified. I think for my room this is suffice for now... or at least I hope. Will do an update when this unit arrives.

Can be viewed and or purchased online at Amazon for cheaper at $99 plus shipping.


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  1. How did you like the soundbar? I'm interested in this one. Hard to find reviews. There are other sound bars in this price range from Panasonic and i can't decided which one to go with.