Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sigma SIgmax Brushes

We all know how I feel about Sigmas brushes...especially the face ones but these new brushes from Sigma blow my MAC ones out of the water. These brushes are soft, they shed minimally, the cost is surprisingly low and they look and feel like professional high end brushes. I purchased the Synthetic face kit shown above for $42 US 4 months ago and that price is more than justified once you use and feel these brushes. Application on your face is flawless and soft. It feels like butter gliding all over your face. I personally use the stippling effect and then swirl. These brushes are made of synthetic materials which for this brush works. I've used countless other synthetic brushes and never have they come close to the feel and use of Sigma's Sigmax brushes. I have been using these brushes practically every day for 4 months and I am more than satisfied!

The flat top F80 brush is my favorite of them all. It works like a flat top kabuki with a long handle. It works just as well as my Dior Flat top brush but minus the price, the shedding and the crappy handle that the Dior brush has. If you are going to purchase just one brush from the Sigmax line this is the brush to get and for $16 that is a steal!

- Price
- Use
- Quality
- Easy to clean
- Looks esthetically appealing and high end

- None that I can think of at the moment!

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  1. I haven't tried any Sigma brushes, I feel so behind the times! lol